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Our Winery Dogs Past & Present

Brenda and Patch

The Original Mutts Nicki and Max.  When Mutt Lynch Winery was established in 1995, Maximilian (Max) and Nikita (Nicki) become our original winery dogs.  Max was a sweet, sensitive male - a mix of Golden Lab and English Setter we believe.  And Nicki was a dominating female - Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Terrier mix.  They were the odd couple indeed.  To this day, Nicki was the truest winery dog in the traditional sense; she enjoyed riding with Brenda in the back of her pickup truck to vineyards and winery alike.  Max was more suited to staying at home in his dog bed.  RIP 2004/05.

Our Racing Stud Patch.  We rescued Patch, our Greyhound, in 2005 while living in New Zealand.  Patch was a champion racing Greyhound who raced for over 5 years.  He was fast... and he knew it.  This said, and typical of his breed, he was not your typical winery dog.  Riding in the back of the pickup was a definite "no".  He was most often found sleeping at the winery, preferably in his dog bed.  We created a Hound Lounge at our winery just for Patch and his friends, a tradition we carry on to this day at our tasting room.  RIP 2014.

Violet and Clyde.  Violet and Clyde are our current dogs.  Violet is a beautiful, sweet Portuguese Water Dog who so far prefers the tasting room to the winery.  Clyde joined us this year as our first "foster failure" - a foster dog that Brenda refused to give up.  Clyde is a 7-pound Chihuahua mix that is our new alpha dog.  Brenda has promised to get some great photos of Violet and Clyde in the vineyard... we'll see.