Patch hard at work at the winery.
Patch hard at work at the winery - take 2.
Look closely, he actually did move, although
no one saw him do it.

Speaking about our Patch...

First Vintage

Vintage 2007 was our dog Patch’s first harvest and it’s clear that his idea of helping out at the winery looks suspiciously like his activities at the house - find the most comfortable place available, lie down, fall asleep, move only if forced to do so.  Forklifts, picking bins and any other moving equipment seem to be in “his” way, not vice-versa.  We have stopped taking pictures of him at the winery as all the pictures look the same!!

Annual Update

2009 has started out just like 2008, and just like 2007.  As I type, Patch is asleep on the couch... groaning every so often.  So, we can proclaim that Patch is alive and well, and still the most worthless winery dog we've ever had!!  But a phenominal companion!!


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