How cool, thought our Patch!

We received an email this week from Dog Art Today, a great webpage that features all kinds of dog art.  The email featured Valentine's Day cards and prints with... you guessed it... greyhounds!  These works are created by Greyhound lover and author • photographer Barbara Karant.   The images are a wonderful combination of her photography and graphic pop art celebrating this special day.  Every year we look for those magical ways that dogs, Valentine's Day and wine come together.  This year Barbara's work seemed a very appropriate inspiration to Brenda and I... and Patch!! 

Pop Vintage Greyhound Valentines, by Barbara Karant

Patch plans to give one of Barbara's cards to his new favorite friend - Roxie, a 4 year old rescue who now lives down the street.  Patch and Roxie go run in our park every few days.  Patch's only problem is that, while he was very, very fast at one stage of his life, at 10 years old he has slowed a bit (say it ain't so old man!)  Roxie at 4 years old "toys" with our old man as they run circles in the park.  Our guess is that Patch doesn't mind; running is running, and that's what he still loves to do.

And the wine? 

Simply enjoy a good bottle of wine with your own special Valentine... preferably Mutt Lynch!

Happy Valentine's Day

Patch, Brenda & Chris

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